DP-PQD: Privately Detecting Per-Query Gaps In Synthetic Data Generated By Black-Box Mechanisms

In *PVLDB 17(1)*, 2024

Qr-Hint: Actionable Hints Towards Correcting Wrong SQL Queries

In *SIGMOD*, 2024.

Summarized Causal Explanations For Aggregate Views

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Characterizing and Verifying Queries Via CINSGEN

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The Consistency of Probabilistic Databases with Independent Cells

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PreFair: Privately Generating Justifiably Fair Synthetic Data

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DPXPlain: Privately Explaining Aggregate Query Answers

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Causal What-If and How-To Analysis Using HYPER

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FEDEX: An Explainability Framework for Data Exploration Steps

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HypeR: Hypothetical Reasoning With What-If and How-To Queries Using a Probabilistic Causal Approach

In *SIGMOD*, 2022.