QuestPro: Queries in SPARQL Through Provenance


We propose to demonstrate QuestPro, a prototype interactive system aimed at allowing non-expert users to specify SPARQL queries. Notably, QuestPro makes an extensive use of provenance in deriving the SPARQL queries, in two ways. First, we ask users to provide example output nodes along with explanations that are then treated as the provenance of the underlying query, guiding the system’s search for a fitting query. We have designed an intuitive interface through which users can gradually build their explanations while understanding the connections between the different objects. The system then generates a set of candidate queries and uses provenance to explain each candidate, prompting user feedback to choose between them. We will demonstrate the usability of QuestPro using an ontology of academic publications, engaging the audience in the interactive process while explaining the under-the-hood model and algorithms.

In PVLDB 11(12)